Conducting court proceedings


Skarbiec Law Firm offers services in the area of representing clients before courts and in the preparation of professional pleadings.

Litigation service


Skarbiec Law Firm, has prepared innovative and unique litigation solutions. Our offer not only includes representation of the client in the process, it is considerably broader. In addition to the traditional defense by an attorney, we perform:

  •  judge work verification and evaluation of their professional achievements in the literal sense, e.g. jurisprudence and related statistics of judgments overturned in the second instance, scientific achievements, world view, professional career, etc.;
  •  typing witnesses and analyzing their susceptibility to suggestion and susceptibility to indoctrination and manipulation.

In addition, thanks to our cooperation with the Professional Business Intelligence Treasury, we take advantage of the opportunity to use variograph testing of witnesses, the results of which are evidence strengthening the credibility of personal sources of evidence, as well as the collection of evidence that undermines the arguments of the opposing party. As part of our services, we also deal with the preparation of witnesses for questioning.

Skarbiec Law Firm offers assistance in the preparation of such documents as:

  • lawsuits and counterclaims (including: personal rights protection lawsuits, protection of non-property rights lawsuits, dissolution of a general partnership lawsuits, overturning of a resolution of the company’s general meeting lawsuits, overturning of a shareholder’s resolution lawsuits, court-ordered establishment of property separation of spouses lawsuits, exclusion of a shareholder lawsuits, or counter-enforcement lawsuits),
  • appeal and complaint,
  • cassation complaint and action for declaration of unlawfulness of a final decision,
  • opposition to a summary judgment,
  •  primary and secondary interventions,
  •  motion for non-procedural proceedings (including: motion to abolish joint ownership),
  • application for declaration of bankruptcy,
  •  application for entry and/or striking out in the Land and Mortgage Register,
  •  application for entry in the National Court Register and in the register of pledges, as well as for amendment and removal of these entries,
  •  application for conciliation proceedings,
  •  application for a declaration of enforceability of a foreign court judgment,
  •  application for recognition of a foreign court judgment,
  •  application for preservation of evidence,
  •  complaint for the resumption of proceedings,
  •  complaint overturn an arbitration court judgment,
  •  complaint against the ruling of the court registrar,
  •  complaint regarding a bailiff performance,
  •  objections to a payment order.