Intellectual property in Poland

Our experience within the field of copyright protection and industrial property results not only from our Client relationships, but also from the experience gained in the Skarbiec group, connected with the activity of Skarbiec Internet Portal.

Among the example services provided by Skarbiec with regard to this issue, the following may be mentioned:

  • legal advice with regard to trademark registration within Poland and European Community registration,
  • substantive legal advice in industrial property infringement proceedings,
  • assistance with regard to copyright infringements,
  • analysis, advice, draft and negotiation assistance with regard to licence agreements,
  • drafting contracts transferring copyrights and related rights,
  • representation in negotiations and dispute settlement with reproduction rights organizations and music companies,
  • assistance and representation in personal rights infringement claims,
  • legal audit of entrepreneur with respect to owned intellectual and industrial property rights.

Pursuant to Article 1 of the Law on Copyrights in force in Poland, any symptom of artistic work of individual nature, fixed in any form, irrespective of its value, purpose and expression method, may be the subject of a copyright.

Protection may apply exclusively to the expression method; protection does not apply to inventions, ideas, procedures, methods, measures and mathematic concepts. Any development of a third party’s work, including its translation, re-structuring or adaptation, is the subject of a copyright, without prejudice to the right to original work.

Any person who, without authorisation or in breach of the terms of such authorisation, distributes a third party’s work in its original version or in the form of a development, artistic performance, phonogram, videogram or broadcasting, will be liable to a fine, limitation of freedom or imprisonment up to two years. If the perpetrator commits such tort in order to earn financial benefits, he/she will be liable to imprisonment up to three years.

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