The services we provide go far beyond traditional legal and tax advice. They are individually designed solutions, in response to the client’s needs and in such a way that they function efficiently and in accordance with the law.

Asset protection

Polish law offers creditors numerous means of securing claims and protecting themselves against dishonest debtors. Mortgages, pledges, bills of exchange, avals, civil warranties, bank guarantees and insurance guarantees are used to secure property claims.

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Change of tax residence

Change of tax residence is a way to minimize the tax burden dedicated to individuals. It does not involve a change of citizenship, but only means changing the jurisdiction in which you pay taxes. In order to obtain Cyprus or Maltese tax residency, certain conditions must be met. Our lawyers guide clients through all stages of the process. We have branches of our law firm in both locations, so we also provide on-site logistical assistance.

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Tax audit

Tax audit is a unique service of Skarbiec Law Firm, which allows you to verify the correctness of accounts in your company. This procedure, on the one hand, can serve as a basis for the implementation of tax planning, which will allow you to reduce your tax liabilities, and on the other hand – it will allow you to prepare your company for the eventuality of a tax or customs and fiscal audit. Such preparation will make it possible to pass a possible audit in the future and avoid criminal charges.

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Missing trader fraud

Our offer also includes comprehensive assistance to entrepreneurs were caught up in so-called “VAT carousels”. In addition to legal assistance, we offer our clients representation before law enforcement agencies, tax authorities and implementation of procedures and documentation to protect against the risk of becoming entangled in tax fraud in the future.

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Tax inspection

During a tax Tax inspection
Customs and fiscal inspection, the taxpayer is often unaware of his rights and the regulations limiting the actions of the tax office – and is thus exposed to abuse by officials. On the other hand, in many enterprises accounting records are kept inaccurately or to some extent incorrectly. Errors in bookkeeping in a inspection situation involve the risk of tax domination or seizure of part of the assets by the fiscal authorities.

We offer a comprehensive service of checking and preparation of accounting records for the purpose of the inspection and representation of the taxpayer before the tax office.


Customs and fiscal inspection

Customs and fiscal inspections, unlike tax inspections, are carried out without prior notice of the taxpayer. They are initiated when there is a suspicion that the taxpayer does not comply with the law and conducts criminal activity (e.g., commits tax fraud). In this regard, our law firm offers the service of representing entrepreneurs before KAS officials and customs and tax officials.

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Strategic management for companies

Strategic consulting allows you to identify and plan the future directions of the company not only in terms of legal and corporate regulations, but also in terms of risk, technology, innovation and employment. A tailor-made long-term strategy makes it possible to define and realize far-reaching business goals.

Until now, such services have been provided only by international consulting firms. We are the first Polish law firm that is not afraid of the gravity of making decisions, giving clear recommendations to clients and taking actions that go beyond the usual patterns.

We provide our clients with expert knowledge backed by years of experience, which allow us to create an individualized plan tailored to the needs of the company.


Crisis management

We provide assistance in crisis situations that threaten the financial stability of the company and put its question its future operation. Among other things, we support our clients in restructuring and bankruptcy proceedings, we also provide protection against hostile takeovers.


Personal data protection

For our clients, we prepare comprehensive procedures regarding protection of personal data in the company (including, among other things, a personal data protection policy) and guide the organization through the process of reporting a set of data to GIODO. We also represent our clients in proceedings before GIODO. In this context, we also support our clients with regard to new regulations related to the General Regulation on Personal Data Protection (RODO) adopted by the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union in April 2016.

VAT refund representation

We represent our clients in proceedings before the tax authorities for VAT refunds. Entrepreneurs very often do not know their rights, and therefore fall victim to abuse by the tax authorities. This usually concerns the unjustified postponement of the refund deadline or refusal to refund the overpaid tax. Our task is to protect the taxpayer’s rights against administrative unlawfulness.


Disputes with tax authorities

In addition to VAT refunds proceedings, we also represent our clients in disputes with tax authorities, related, for example, to the questioning of deductible expenses, the amount of income tax calculation or undisclosed sources of income.

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Foreign companies

We handle the registration of foreign companies, including offshore companies. We operate in more than forty jurisdictions with the most favorable tax systems. Our offer, in addition to the registration itself, includes all activities related to the ongoing operation of such a company.


Captive insurance

Captive insurance is a private insurance company that does not target the entire market, but insures only its owner. As a rule, there is only one business entity or a group of related entities.

The establishment of captive insurance companies allows to reduce tax (the contribution is included in the costs) and allows to obtain unusual types of insurance, not available in the traditional market.