The Family Office


The family office or family wealth management is a key element for individual entrepreneurs and family businesses. Finding an effective management model that takes into account the interests of the family and ensures business continuity is an ongoing part of the challenge faced by family business entrepreneurs.


Capital transformation into the foundation of a multi-generational family structure requires the development of a long-term management strategy that includes first protecting assets by appropriately structuring the business, securing the assets by, constructing frameworks for future business investments, as well as planning for intergenerational succession, inheritance issues or managing capital allocation. Only a comprehensive approach to family wealth management will build a sustainable business that will provide income for future generations.


The Family Office vs. The Family Business


When John D. Rockefeller began his career as an accountant in the mid-19th century, no one imagined that less than 20 years later he would join the ranks of millionaires, and by the end of the 1980s he would become the richest man in the world, whose wealth would amount to 2 percent of American GDP. The secret of Rockefeller’s success was in his approach to money – he wanted it to work for him, not the other way around.

The modern Family Office embodies this idea. Securing and ensuring the successive growth of accumulated capital through a comprehensive approach to running and planning business and financial development is the goal of such services. They combine the creation of optimal business and investment structures, business, tax, banking and legal advice, but also accounting, lifestyle or philanthropic issues. But how do you build a business and protect capital in such a rapidly changing reality?


Investments during uncertain times


It’s no secret that the stability of the financial system facilitates business development planning and profitable capital allocation. However, it is largely determined by the dynamism and balance of the economy and the health of public finances. Meanwhile, these have been shaken by both the pandemic, which effectively slowed economic activity, translating into global declines in IRB and GDP, and the war in Ukraine combined with the resulting sanctions against Russia, which are increasingly threatening the global hegemony of the dollar, thereby affecting financial markets. Under these conditions, when the goal is intergenerational preservation of private and corporate capital, diversification of wealth preservation efforts is crucial. That is why we offer a comprehensive Family Office service for entrepreneurs who aim not only to survive difficult times, but to build a lasting foundation for a family business that will provide income for future generations.


Our services include


  • Strategic legal, tax and business consulting with a long-term, multi-generational perspective also in the selection of partners among investment companies in terms of their performance, costs, risks of loss
  • Ongoing management of legal, tax and accounting aspects of private and corporate assets, i.e. analysis of risks, including financial, investment, tax, as well as those related to the concentration of assets and the legal and tax background
  • Establishing business and legal entities and appointing agents/trustees to secure assets at risk of loss due to divorce, family disputes, inheritance proceedings, etc.
  • Securing assets through diversification (private equity, venture capital, hedge funds, commercial real estate, bullion, gemstones, precious metals, etc.).
  • Advising on asset disposition or acquisition (M&A) transactions
  • Private and corporate banking – advice and representation in the procedure of opening bank accounts in foreign banks, investment portfolio management, including, among other things, ownership supervision of family assets in foreign banks
  • Succession planning and inheritance advice – corporate and legal advice – including transformation of business entities, drafting of wills, donations and marital property agreements
  • Management of family estates in the context of ownership and settlement aspects
  • Philanthropy and related PR consulting for image and personal brand building