Tax advisory

At Skarbiec Law Firm, we have created a comprehensive service: tax advisory for companies, so that entrepreneurs can free themselves from the complexities of legislation and focus on the most important thing – running their business.

According to a January 2023 report by the Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers, the top three barriers of conducting business in Poland since 2019 include high taxes and labor costs, and legal instability, the most important manifestation of which is complicated, unclear and unfavorable business and tax law, as well as overly extensive administrative procedures. If one wanted to keep abreast of changes in the law, one would have to spend three hours a day learning about them. And this is not the role of an entrepreneur.

That is why at Skarbiec Law Firm we have created a comprehensive corporate tax advisory service, so that entrepreneurs can focus on the most important thing – running their business.

Every day our tax advisors, legal advisors, attorneys and accountants take care of the correct implementation of the client’s tax obligations, as well as represent them before the tax administration authorities and courts of all instances. For years, supporting business entities in the implementation of comprehensive tax, legal and accounting strategies under Polish and international law, Skarbiec Law Firm offers settlements covering all applicable types of taxes in Poland, and beyond.

Clients of Skarbiec Law Firm, as part of our services, are offered tax advisory in the field of:

  •  income tax settlements:
    – individuals income tax (PIT tax);
    – Corporate income tax (CIT tax);
    – including: withholding tax (WHT, from Withholding Tax), property taxes;
    – flat-rate income tax – so-called Estonian CIT;
  • Value Added Tax (VAT) settlements, including:
    – VAT returns;
    – VAT refunds;
    – Intra-Community acquisition of goods, intra-Community supply of goods;
    – VAT special procedures;
    – VAT registration and reinstatement;
  •  settlements of other taxes:
    – tax on civil law transactions
    – local taxes and fees, including real estate tax (real estate tax liability settlement and amount verification);
    – inheritance and donation tax;
  • Tax audit (including analysis of taxation of PIT, CIT, VAT transactions);
  • changes in the Polish Order (Polish Order taxes) and other tax changes (changes in taxes);
  • Corporate tax consulting in connection with the establishment and registration of companies;
  • Individual interpretations of tax laws requests preparation;
  • Transactions verification for abuse of rights and anti-avoidance clause;
  • Foreign controlled companies (CFC) regulations analysis:
  • Tax law training (both for entrepreneurs and accountants),
  • Company’s due diligence and tax compliance,
  • tax succession of assets.
  • cryptocurrencies accounting.


Tax advisory Warsaw


Tax law is changed so often and in such an unclear manner (example – Polish Tax Order) that it is difficult to fully verify one’s obligations and rights resulting from them, without following these changes on a daily basis. As an experienced tax law firm, a tax consulting firm, we analyze the tax consequences of the dynamically amended law and propose effective risk management strategies to our clients, assuming the fulfillment of tax obligations and optimal use of their rights.

  • Key expert services provided by Skarbiec Law Firm include:
  • crisis management (prevention, acting in progress, protection strategy for the future);
  • tax strategy for securing corporate and private assets of legal and natural persons;
  • international tax planning;
  • anti-fraud in international trade policies development;
  • members of executives and managers legal and tax protection
  • tax residency change
  • business intelligence and counter-intelligence.


Representation before authorities and legal representation


Professional tax advice should be of vital importance for business entities. This is because if a taxpayer does not “keep up” with changes in the law, he will expose himself to consequences, such as verification activities, tax inspection, customs and tax inspection, or tax proceedings, in a situation where the authority comes to the conclusion that the books and accounts kept by the taxpayer may contain irregularities.

Skarbiec Law Firm represents entrepreneurs and individuals in tax matters at every stage of proceedings and disputes before authorities and courts of all instances, during tax inspections and proceedings, VAT refunds, or criminal tax proceedings, including those involving white collar crimes.

  • The scope of client support provided by our Litigation Team includes representation in cases:
  •  tax, tax, economic and fiscal crimes (fiscal criminal proceedings), verification measures, tax proceedings, appeals, extraordinary proceedings (revocation and amendment of decisions, reopening of proceedings, annulment of proceedings), control proceedings (tax control, customs and fiscal control);
  •  abatements and remissions;
  •  transfer of liability to a third party;
  •  tax avoidance;
  •  determination of transaction prices;
  •  undisclosed sources of income;
  •  precautionary decisions;
  •  issuance of certificates; violation of fiscal secrecy;
  •  other audits of the entrepreneur (e.g., PIP, ZUS, PIH), VAT refunds,
  • Missing trader fraud,
  •  blank invoices.

Skarbiec Law Firm among the best tax consulting firms in Poland according to a ranking by Dziennik Gazeta Prawna.

For its achievements and financial results in 2022, Skarbiec Law Firm was among the best tax advisory firms in the country (tax law firm, tax advisory firm, tax bureau, tax advisor) according to an independent ranking by Dziennik Gazeta Prawna. In the group of advisory firms employing more than 10 licensed professionals, it ranked as high as 14th in the category of achieved revenue per substantive person, ahead of three firms from the so-called big four: Ernst & Young Poland, PwC and Deloitte, and KPMG.

Only the global organization KPMG ranked higher. In terms of the number of clients, the firm ranked 16th, and in terms of revenue for 2022, it ranked 20th. In the overall ranking of the largest tax advisory firms in Poland (excluding the big four), Skarbiec Law Firm was ranked 17th.

In accordance with the provisions introduced from January 1, 2019 of Article 119a par. 1 of the Tax Ordinance, an action does not result in the achievement of a tax benefit if the achievement of this benefit, contrary under the circumstances to the object or purpose of the Tax Act or its provision, was the main or one of the main purposes of its performance, and the manner of action was artificial.

Therefore, the available legal solutions must be tailored to individual business needs in each case, so as not to expose oneself to the charge of acting artificially, contrary under the circumstances to the object and purpose of a provision of the Tax Law. The exact meaning of these normative indications is worth consulting with a legal advisor, lawyer or tax advisor in each case.